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Dating back to 1937, the history of the Volkswagen corporation is rich. The name of the company is translated to “people’s car” in German. The marque is known as the flagship of the Volkswagen group. Sales of the vehicles were slow starting out in the United States for a few reasons before taking off. The smaller sizes of the Volkswagen vehicles along with their unique shapes were not popular at first on the market. In 1959, a landmark campaign was launched that helped introduced the Beetle to consumers. The Volkswagen Beetle was marketed with its size being an advantage to buyers. The Beetle became one of the most popular cars in the Volkswagen lineup, and Volkswagen itself became one of the top-selling auto imports in the United States after the campaign. Twelve years later, the Beetle surpassed the production record of 15 million vehicles. It’s important that if you drive a Beetle or any other Volkswagen model that you use only OEM parts and accessories on it. OEM Volkswagen parts are manufactured according to quality guidelines and are built to last a long time. They will fit your model perfectly and give you long-lasting performance. Find them here at Autohaus Parts Delivered. 

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