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The union of four automobile manufacturers back in 1932 was all it took to create a recognizable emblem for the Audi brand. Audi’s four silver rings have been iconic on all their models and established them as a luxury name in the world of vehicles. The brand got its start in Germany. Each ring of the emblem represented the previous companies. The luxury features of the Audi brand were built into relatively every area of the vehicles. The cars were built with a focus on high-performing engines and featured lightweight construction, so the aerodynamics were impressive. The focus on these things hasn’t changed since the brand was established. A range of high-quality models have been produced since then. The A4, the Q7, and the Quattro are just some of the iconic cars the brand has produced. The luxury vehicles Audi produces provide both performance and comfort on the road. The popularity has remained consistent for a reason. If you’re driving an Audi, be sure to use only the finest parts and accessories for repairs or upgrades. You can find the best selection of OEM Audi parts here at Autohaus Parts Delivered.

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